Seattle Boat Show, Jan. 25 - Feb. 2, 2019

Krogen 50' Open

On the West Coast, we'll start 2019 with a fantastic showing of our latest Krogen 50' Open at the Seattle Boat Show. Spanning nine days, this event always offers the best in PNW boating. Plus, just minutes away, make plans with our team to visit the docks of our Seattle office where we will have brokerage models available for private tours as well.

Kadey-Krogen listings (showings available by appointment):

2005 Krogen 48’ North Sea “Adventurous Ohana” 

2000 Whaleback 48’ “Summer Pasture” 

1998 Krogen 48’ North Sea “Rubenesque” 

2005 Krogen 44’ “Wander Bear” 

2004 Krogen 44’ “Number One” 

Before the show, please register to see us!

Please register by filling out the form to the right so we can help make the most of your visit. We will follow-up prior to the boat show.

See you on the dock!