A Yacht as a Movable Waterfront Property

The perfect seaside home you haven't considered!


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3-030412BTIP-4564Online analytics could tell us that “waterfront property” is queried thousands of times per month; however, being in the semi-custom boat building business, we don’t need analytics to know that living on the water is a hot topic! We talk to waterfront enthusiasts every day. Are you looking for a beach house or getaway cottage that says, "location, location, location"? With lots to do? And with breath-taking water views?

Then maybe you should consider buying a boat that is designed to be both traveled on AND lived on. Whether it’s to be a full-time or part-time home, there are no rules. Why pick just one seascape?

Want to know how a cruising vessel could be the perfect, movable, seaside home?

First, meet the Rosas. Then, read on. 

Does your story sound like their story?

Maria & Roberto Rosa

"We always knew we loved being on the water. We took our first cruise to the Caribbean Islands in 1991, and immediately fell in love with the ocean. Every year, we would cruise twice a year, during our son's school vacations. It didn't matter which islands the cruise ship would visit; we picked our cruises based on the "most sea days" they would offer. Something enchanting about being on the water and the sound of the crashing waves..."

Naturally, during the summer we wanted to be near the water, and each summer we began renting homes in various places along the Massachusetts and Maine coasts, and finally decided that we should buy a beach home. So we looked: Martha’s Vineyard, Chatham, Onset, Gloucester, Bar Harbor among many other lovely places, but did we want to always go to the same place and give up all the others?

Then one day, we visited a friend in New Jersey, a longtime sailor, and he invited us to have drinks on his moored sailboat. We spent the evening just sitting at a mooring admiring the scenery, the stillness of the water; then came the sunset… This was our first time sitting on anything other than a mega-cruise ship. We had told our friend that we had been looking for a beach house, to which he commented, “Forget the beach house, buy a boat. You can move your beach house wherever you want to go, and if you don’t like your neighbor...you move.”

We left that evening with a newfound dream. But how could we? We had never even piloted a dinghy. Well, we attended our first Newport Boat Show that year, and walked right past the sailboats, “They seem to be too much work and too complicated,” we said to each other. So we started visiting slick-looking powerboats, and as we were approached by the salespeople we would tell them that we were “new to this and had no experience.” “Well…do you want a boat with a flybridge?” Maria and I looked at each other and asked, “What’s a flybridge?” You can imagine the reaction.

Finally, we told someone that we wanted something more like a “home boat,” and so they pointed us to the trawlers. We climbed on board every single trawler in attendance, but kept going back on the Kadey-Krogen models, and that’s when our love affair started. We asked a million questions. That fall and winter we started taking classes with the local power squadron and the following September chartered a Krogen 48' on the Chesapeake. This was not meant to be a “pleasure” charter, but mainly a “teaching” charter, but also a test for us to see if we actually liked being on the water on something a bit smaller than a cruise ship, and with us in control. We LOVED it!

We knew that we had found what we had been looking for. We drove from Annapolis straight to the Newport Boat Show, met with Kadey-Krogen Yachts, and nine months later, our baby, "Gratitude", was delivered weighing 55,000 pounds at 48-feet long.

Since that day, we have thoroughly enjoyed our nearby waters (all from our own waterfront property!), including: the Narragansett Bay, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Boston Harbor. And we've explored the entire East Coast! We cruise to Florida, the Bahamas, and everywhere we want to on our own. We enjoy every single moment we are on board. Whether we are at the dock (although we rarely stay at the dock), underway or our favorite part, anchoring, our Krogen has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. It is a more peaceful and relaxing lifestyle, and we have met some of the nicest people along the way.

Regrets? Yes. We should have done it sooner.

Gratitude capture

At Home On Any Sea...

or Beach!

Our company slogan is At Home On Any Sea, and we mean it! Trawlers, especially those of the full displacement hull form type, afford more space, more storage, and more freedom. Whether the dream is a condo in Cabo, a cottage in Cape Cod, or a home on the nearby coastline, an ocean-going yacht allows you to do everything you'd expect from a second home (and so much more). With such an exciting purchase on the horizon, think about escaping and experiencing true relaxation, with the added luxury of change.  

58021 FlyrbridgeWhen it comes to entertaining your family and friends aboard, designing a meal plan may no longer be the toughest task. You'll also have to decide where you want to eat! There's the flybridge, which is like sitting on the rooftop deck of a trendy urban restaurant. When late afternoon arrives, so does happy hour, and the available wet bar is there to help you unwind with a refreshing libation. And when hunger hits, not a second of the sunset is missed because appetizers and dinner are easily grilled-up right there with a built-in summer kitchen.  

Or, you might opt for eating-out...on the "back porch" (cockpit). Fully covered and protected from the elements, this spot is just as perfect for dock-tails and dining, as it is diving for lobster (talk about sea-to-table freshness!), or simply stargazing. And, of course, there's always a table to be set in the social spaces of a boat's salon or pilothouse. Say you are up for a new cultural culinary experience at the next port, just deploy the dinghy and head for land!

Boats that are meant to be lived on are extremely storage-centric. We've designed galleys with integrated spice racks, systems for barware, flatware and dinnerware, and other specialized cabinets to keep counters (granite or stone of your choosing) clear, and we've incorporated chef-approved, full-size appliances (Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking) into our latest designs. It doesn't get any better than cooking with a view, a gentle breeze, and good company. 

At night, your loved ones will sleep comfortably in their staterooms, resting-up for another active day of water sports, fishing, cruising and sight-seeing. 

Are you a "Nana", a "GiGi", a "Pop-Pop", or a "Grandpa"?

(This section is for you.)


Jackson 3"Family members are always flying in and out–and what’s special, is my grandchildren and their parents take turns joining us. For three weeks, we usually have all three grandchildren at one time. We love having them all together! About two weeks later, after we have had time to recuperate, more family flies in. We appreciate our quiet time alone, but always look forward to our kids joining us. 

How do we feed them all, you might ask? It’s not a problem for us because we have a big freezer outside on the boat deck. I make lots and lots of meals ahead of time and simply freeze them. When we have company, it is as easy as taking something out to thaw or throwing meat on the grill. We stock the boat with goodies and easy-to grab snacks for the beach.

When we cruise up the east coast of Florida, we ride our bikes, hike, walk the beaches, visit museums and of course check out all the restaurants. I buy books from almost all of the towns I visit and love to learn the history of each new place. In the Islands, we explore the beaches. We love to collect sea beans and sea glass, and are always looking for treasures.

Jackson 2The kids snorkel for treasures, too– sand dollars on the sand bar. The kids keep their grandpa busy running the tender and pulling them on scurf boards and giant tubes. And sometimes, we fish. Each of our grandchildren has caught their own tuna! And, when we’re not busy entertaining, you can find us floating on inner tubes with a rum punch in our hands.

At night, we enjoy good ol’ family time. We play games such as dominoes, cards, and charades. We stargaze, have dance parties, watch movies with popcorn, and have even entertained ourselves by making costumes out of tinfoil! We always come up with something fun to do.

There are many places on our boat for us to enjoy. Our favorites are the front deck at night, the pilothouse for cocktails, and the kids love the bridge! Our boat has been a great source of memories. After each trip, we compile our pictures and make them into a book. We have visited so many amazing places, and the quality family time is second to none. Our Kadey-Krogen allows us the luxury to spend so much vacation time together." 


For families, every day can be a page or a chapter of a captivating life together.

Meet the Samways.

You know the feeling when you’re immersed in a book, lost in its adventure, captured by its characters, and sensing so clearly all the colors, sounds, smells and shapes? That’s a small taste of the feeling we had when we did our year-long family adventure through the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and doing the Great Loop (connected waterways that encompass the eastern portion of the United States and part of Canada) aboard our boat. 

Samways on arrival day from the Great Loop, December 2011We met people from all walks of life. Rich, poor, and in-between, and of all races, religions and ethnicity. We met veterans and active servicemen, mechanics, judges, farmers, plumbers, investors, teachers, lock masters, nurses, business owners, artists, river pilots, electricians, park rangers, librarians, fishermen, lawyers, mayors and musicians. Kind, interesting, knowledgeable and generous. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has a story. We listened and listened everywhere we went, and we learned so much for it. 

Hearing our kids ask questions, and watching them soak-up and gather the context surrounding their experiences, both personal and political, made us smile. And that was the story every day on our trip, whether remote island, small town, or metropolis. Keenan and Daria spent hours and hours with fellow "Loopers" we met on the water at each port or anchorage. Loopers, like the sailors we encountered in the Bahamas, are a kind and warm crowd and were so willing to engage our kids and ask about living aboard, about friends, hobbies, etc. And about their onboard teachers...

If you know a gifted teacher who inspires children, thank him or her, and offer your support. We might not have top-teacher chops, but we feel confident we offered a personal walk through history.

Muddy Waters in southern watersSince the waterways were the first (and early on, only) highways in America, the Bahamas and Canada, we plied waters traveled by early explorers and yesterday’s tow captains, naval commanders and rum runners. We visited fish camps, settlements, towns, cities, and more than one megalopolis. We spent hours on the solemn grounds of battlefields from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. We toured the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, and visited presidential libraries. We saw places where locals were fighting decades of economic decline and places where business was thriving. We visited national parks, cruised in the open ocean, traversed 115 locks, saw swimming pigs and nesting bald eagles, and we plunged into waves a dozen feet high, and watched hundreds of serene sunrises and sunsets. And so much more. 

A year older for our journey, we feel a decade wiser. We’re nourished by what we learned and all we experienced along the way. We’re even ready to pick up the next book to see what adventure might be in store for the four of us. 

Dare to dream. 

Those who have done considerable research on Kadey-Krogen already know that our owners love their boats, use their boats, and keep their boats a long time (like beloved homes). What are we trying to say? That whether your dream is to be somewhere far-flung or close by...consider a yacht as a movable waterfront property. It might just be the perfect seaside home you never expected to own.

Don't wait too long for the perfect moment! Get underway and start your adventure. Take the next step: www.kadeykrogen.com/our-yachts