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The other day a blog post about boats and our quality time remaining (QTR) was brought to my attention by a co-worker. The post referenced another boat builder who was utilizing QTR as part of their marketing.  It reminded me of a similar ad campaign we ran several years ago that had the heading “You only get so many spins around the sun.  What will you do with yours?”  It was a broad stroke campaign to inspire people to think about their dreams and aspirations that hopefully involved a Kadey-Krogen.

When I look back on that campaign, while thought provoking, I think it missed the mark. I think it was too generic. Yes, we could have utilized a heading more directly targeted at mortality.  Something like Ben Franklin’s “You may delay, but time will not”, or another person’s somewhat facetious, but direct  take on it, “you will be dead for a very long time”, but those too would have missed the mark.

I am one of the presenters at TrawlerFest, and my presentation is entitled “Full Displacement: The Serious Choice for Comfortable Cruising”. While my entire presentation extols the virtues of a full displacement vessel like a Kadey-Krogen, my last slide shows three images – an armored car, a hearse, and a cemetery, with the caption “when have you seen and armored car following a hearse to a cemetery.  You can’t take it with you! Just go boating now.” Morbid? Yes. Poignant? You be the judge.

IMG_0041_crSo, what is the mark, without being too cliché or too morbid?  A Krogen owner recently gave me their assessment on a campaign for one category of customer – the grandparents. They said, “There is a limited window of opportunity where your grandkids think you are the coolest people in the world and they want to spend time with you. They want you to show them new experiences. They want to learn from you, and that time is limited. As toddlers, they are probably too young to spend time with grandma and grandpa aboard their Krogen, and by the time they are teenagers, they no longer look up to you. That leaves a five to seven year span where you have the window to have memorable experiences with your grandchildren aboard a Krogen.”

So grandma and grandpa, the clock is ticking. How many spins around the sun before your grandchildren don’t want to spend time with you? Tick, Tick, Tick. 

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